Tuesday Tunes // Nashville Photographer


My friends The Danberrys are so sooo good! I first heard of them and met them at a music festival and have been a huge fan ever since. Their self-titled album, which you can listen to HERE, came out last year and it’s the bees knees. Seriously, just go ahead and buy it.

Remember that kindness is the only way…… to be love is to be free:)

They have some shows coming up in Nashville, go see them!:)



And here’s a shot from when I first saw them:)the danberrys

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Tuesday Tunes // Nashville Photographer

california honeydrops

This week’s Tuesday’s Tunes are by the California Honeydrops , who I got the pleasure of seeing at YSMB Harvest Fest last year. I so wished their set had been longer. I knew they’d be good, but wow they impressed me so much!! I think they are definitely one of those bands that you have to see live.



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Tuesday’s Tunes // Nashville Photographer


This week is Chatham County Line, who are another of my favorites. I am finally getting to see them live but it’s going to be such a tease since it’s only going to be for a few songs. BUT, I get to see them so YAY! Again, so hard to pick a few, but here we go.:)

And they have a new album out soon, yeahhh!



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