Tuesday Tunes // Nashville Photographer



This week’s tunes are a few random songs that I’ve been loving, and a few that are singles from upcoming albums that I’m really excited about.

1) Ryan Adam’s single from his upcoming album.

2) My Brightest Diamond from her upcoming album (this one is best really loud, esp in the car!)


3) The Wind and the Wave

4) I could’ve sworn I did a tunes post on them, but I guess I did not since I can’t find it. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs and am loving their new album! Here’s the single off of it. I will probably do a full post on them soon!

5) Lucius – Saw these guys at Forecastle and they were fantastic!

6) Thom Donovan featuring Ruby Amanfu

7) Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant

8) And some OCMS!!! Of their newest album that I’ve been loving. Got to see them again live and ahhhh. Love them so much!!!!

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