Tuesday Tunes // Nashville Photographer

boy and bear

This week brings you Boy & Bear! So they have a single out that I’ve been loving called Southern Sun. I just went to Forecastle Festival in Lousiville, KY and was able to catch their set. I love that one song but I was not expecting to love their set as much as I did!!! I loooove his voice! I am really digging their first album, maybe even more so than the latest and thinking how have I not heard of them before?! Anyway, on with the tunes!

So here’s first, Southern Sun.

And now for some other songs that I am really digging!



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Tuesday Tunes // Nashville Photographer


Oh, these guys. I saw them live at Wakarusa back in 2012 and it was one of the best shows ever. Seriously, I’ve never danced so much and had such a blast!! Their music makes my heart happy.:) They just came out with a new album and it’s pretty fantastic. What’s not fantastic is that they aren’t coming to Nashville on their tour. Boooo!:(Anyway, on with some of their music…and again, this is another that will be so hard to not post the majority of their songs!

Single off the new album.

Ok, and another version that’s live because it’s awesome:

And here is a clip from that show I was at… good gravy!!!

Only a couple of videos of this song, not the best sound quality but it’ll do because I love this song off their new album!

Ok one more… I like your biscuits in my gravy…



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Tuesday Tunes // East Nashville Photographer

ben sollee

Today’s tunes are Ben Sollee, whose music I just adore!! And I love his political activism and that he’s even toured by bicycle while carrying his cello..yes, true story!


I think this is the first song/video I ever heard by him and had to immediately go listen to more of his music.:)

Ok, I could still post a ton more but I’ll stop…



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